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Can You Get Tested For Perimenopause In The UK?

A test for perimenopause is available 

Yes, in the UK, you can get tested for perimenopause through consultation with your general practitioner (GP) or another healthcare professional. Perimenopause refers to the transitional phase leading to menopause, during which hormonal fluctuations and symptoms may occur.

Your doctor may perform various assessments, including a discussion of your symptoms, medical history, and possibly blood tests to measure hormone levels such as follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and estradiol. These tests can help determine if you are in the perimenopausal phase.

It's advisable to schedule an appointment with your GP to discuss any concerns or symptoms you may be experiencing. They can guide you through the diagnostic process and recommend appropriate tests or treatments based on your individual situation.

Is there a home test for perimenopause?

While perimenopause is a gradual process marked by hormonal changes, which is often diagnosed based on symptoms and a clinical evaluation by a healthcare professional, home test kits that check hormone levels are now available. While not as accurate a perimenopause test as a blood test with your GP, they can provide a good indication of whether you are in perimenopause or not.

The at home menopause test measures hormone levels in urine associated with menopause, such as tests for follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). Elevated levels of FSH,  can indicate changes related to menopause. Persistently elevated levels of FSH can be an indication of either perimenopause or menopause. The simplest form of home perimenopause and menopause test kit measures the levels of FSH in a urine sample. The perimenopause test should be repeated at least twice, a week apart and is looking for persistently high levels of FSH in your urine which can be a good indicator that you are in perimenopause. 

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