Cheap stethoscopes

Cheap stethoscopes

If you are looking for a cheap stethoscope in the UK you have come to the right place

Cheap stethoscope UK

Our single head stethoscopes start from just £2.49 including free UK delivery making them one of the cheapest delivered stethoscopes in the UK.

What are cheap single head stethoscopes used for:

  • Typically cheap stethoscopes are used as ward or clinic stethoscopes for checking blood pressure or listening for bowel sounds, as they can safely be left lying around without anyone taking them.
  • They are also a popular stethoscope for fancy dress costumes,  as they are a real functioning stethoscope, and they come in a variety of colours including red, yellow, green, blue, pink, purple as well as the traditional black.
  • If you want to spend a little more you can opt for a cheap double head stethoscope at just £2.95. This looks more like a doctors stethoscope as it has a bell and a diaphragm and at a push it can be used as such, although most doctors prefer to use a Littmann Classic stethoscope as their main stethoscope, as the acoustics are much better and the earpieces more comfortable to wear. The Littmann classic stethoscopes are about £70 each and are the most popular doctors and medical student stethoscopes in the UK currently.
  • Cheap stethoscopes are also used by dog breeders when whelping, to listen for newborn puppies heartbeats.

Cheap stethoscopes are not toys

  • A quick word of caution a cheap stethoscope is not the same as a toy stethoscope and so they should not be purchased for children.

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