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Coronavirus test kit for pre-order

Corona virus test UK

A new rapid onsite Coronavirus test kit developed by a lab in China is now available to pre-order in the UK.

The onsite Corona test kit will enable much quicker screening for Corona virus as the results are available within 10-20 minutes. 

This instant Corona test kit may also be particularly useful in the third world, where they often do not have access to laboratory services, as we do in the UK.

How does the Corona virus a test kit work

The new Corona rapid diagnostic test kit works in a similar way to a home pregnancy test kit.

The rapid test kit requires a small sample of blood, which can be obtained by finger prick, and the results are read at 10-20 minutes. (it is also suitable for anti-coagulated samples of clinical venous blood)

The Corona test kit is looking for the presence of IgG and IgM against Corono virus, 2019-nCoV, now known as Covid-19, which are the antibodies that are produced in response to infection.

Depending on the result of the near patient Corona test kit it is possible to say if the infection is current or in past.

IgM antibodies are detectable withing 72 hours of infection, which co-incides with the onset of clinical symtoms in most infections.

The rapid on-site test allows mass population screening for the first time, and will also be of great value in population screening for immunity, post epidemic, especially in healthcare and social care workers required to treat patients developing the infection.

Contact our trade team by e-mail for more information, for wholesale and NHS enquiries or to place an order for Coronavirus test kit.

Corona virus test kit is now available to pre-order online in bulk packs of 25 professional tests

Corona virus test kit press enquiries by e-mail to

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  • How effective are these what is the cost and where can I buy a personal kit
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