Fertilityscore male fertility test

Fertilityscore male fertility test

Why check sperm counts at home

Fertilityscore male fertility test kit

There has been a lot in the news recently about the reduction in male fertility. Sperm counts are on the decrease, globally, with a combination of lifestyle and dietary causes being blamed.

There are a growing number of home tests available for couples concerned about fertility. At the cheaper end of the market, these tests simply look at the number of sperm per ml and only test a small 1ml sample of the ejaculate. While the accuracy of these tests is good, the limitations given above do reduce their value.

The FertilityScore home test kit is unique in 3 ways.

  1. Firstly the pack contains 2 complete home sperm tests.
  2. More importantly each test kit screens for sperm motility across the whole ejaculate sample
  3. And finally the test kit only gives a positive result, indicating good fertility for motile samples above 20 million per ml.

Why do two Fertilityscore tests?

  • By completing 2 tests at 7 to 10-day intervals, FertilityScore offers the highest confidence of sustained fertility available in a home sperm check test kit.

Where to buy FertilityScore home male fertility test kit

Fertilityscore is widely available online in the UK including Amazon and ebay as well as several well regarded UK fertility sites and medical sites. 

Access Diagnostic Tests distribute Fertilityscore in the UK.

Contact us for wholesale Fertilityscore enquiries.

You can buy Fertilityscore online from us here

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