How To Use Ovulation Test Strips To Get Pregnant

How To Use Ovulation Test Strips To Get Pregnant

Ovulation Test Strips

Ovulation test strips are a proven method of detecting the fertile period in a woman's menstrual cycle. Ovulation tests come in a range of format, the cheapest being strips, then cassette and mid stream options and the most expensive is of course the digital option.They all work the same, getting you or an optical reader (the digital test) to read a control line colour, and compare the colour against a control line. Strip ovulation tests are the most eco friendly design and format, and honestly the accuracy of all designs of ovulation tests is almost identical, you are just paying more for the advertising and convenience of the other formats. 

There are a range of sensitivities on the market at which the ovulation tests give a positive result. The WHO cut of remains 40miU, but for many women this is too high and the newer generation of ovulation tests screen to 20 or 25miU of LH. Ovulation tests work by detecting a surge in LH which is the trigger for the ovary to release a ripe egg from a follicle. The timing of the egg release is the fertile period, when conception and fertilisation can occur.

To detect the LH surge urine testing should commence a few days before the expected surge. To determine when to start testing, use the average cycle length for the previous 3 months, and start testing 16-18 days before the expected 1st day of the next period. (manufacturers guidelines may vary slightly depending on the sensitivity of the ovulation test kits.)

When to collect your urine sample to test for ovulation and when to read the result

It's best to collect your urine sample for ovulation testing in the afternoon or early evening, rather than first thing in the morning. The LH surge is partially dependent on daylight, so in deepest winter a first morning urine sample can miss the surge starting that day, putting detection back 24 hours. Timing intercourse for the evening of the first positive LH test and for the subsequent evening, will give the best chance of conception occurring during that cycle.

Always read the LH test strip result at the specified read time. This is the correct result for the test. Wet membranes can continue to react and give inaccurate results if read much later than the manufacturers read time, so be aware of this and don't interpret any changes which occur to the ovulation test after the correct read time. We have a range of high accuracy 25 mIU ovulation test strips for sale both on their own and bundled with other products to help you conceive.

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