Ketone Testing Strips from Valuemed

Ketone testing strips are used increasingly for multiple reasons and we think we have a test kit solution to meet most buyers requirements.

Urine testing strips are the lowest cost per test option and will give most users testing for ketosis in low carb diest all the information they require. Carb restriction needs to be quite extreme and last for 8-12 hours before the body exhausts glucogen reserves at switches to burning fats with the resulting B ketones excreted in urine. Dip-testing a urine sample is the least invasive method preferred by dieters and the approximate level of the ketone is also shown.

As urine is produced continuously and pooled in the bladder, the best results are gained by emptying the bladder and waiting 20-30minutes for a fresh sample to be produced by the kidneys. This gives a more accurate result, versus testing urine produced over the last 8 hours. View our Ketone testing strips

Compare this to the recently introduced electronic meter systems which use blood test strips to actually report the b ketone level in blood and the results move from an indicator of past levels to a real-time actual blood level. While this sounds impressive, the reality for dieters is that getting a blood level much above 5-6mmol/L is nearly impossible, and actually becomes harder as the diet progresses and the body becomes more adept at burning fats and clearing the B ketones.

Blood meters are an option for dieters, but the real role for these meters is in diabetic control. In this condition, if the blood glucose levels reach high above normal a condition called ketoacidosis can develop, with serious short-term consequences if not rapidly treated. The Mission On Call GK Dual meter tests both blood glucose levels and with the ketone test strips, the blood ketone level, giving immediate accurate results enabling rapid treatment.

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