On Call Blood Ketone Test strips

Mission On Call Ketone test strips for the GK meter system

Mission On Call ketone test strips

We would like to update all customers on the supply problems currently affecting the supply of Mission On Call ketone test strip packs.

Since December the manufacture of these ketone test strips has been affected by raw material supply restrictions which have severely limited the manufacturers ability to keep up with worldwide demand for its On Call branded packs of 25 blood ketone test strips sold for blood ketone testing using its On Call GK dual meter system.

Currently ADTUK is promised 400 packs released from manufacture around the 20th June and a further 2800 packs around the 18th July 2019.

Our expectation therefore is that normal supply is unlikely to return to the EU and UK markets before early August 2019

For customers experiencing On Call ketone test strip supply difficulties, ADTUK has extended its FREE meter offer for the eBketone blood ketone meter system with the purchase of 20 eBketone test strips, which we hope will offer an acceptable alternative until availability of the On Call ketone strips returns.

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