Urine dipstick testing strips

Urine dipstick testing

Testing urine with a urine dipstick

  • Urine dipstick testing is a simple and quick way to screen urine for many health conditions
  • The most popular type of urine dipstick is the type shown above which are multi-test urine testing strips that test for 10 parameters

What are urine dipstick tests used for

  • A urine dipstick test is used to screen urine for many common medical conditions including diabetes, ketosis, liver disease, and urinary tract infections including cystitis
  • Urine dipsticks are also available to screen urine for drugs 
  • Urine test strips are suitable for self testing or professional medical use
  • See our full range of urine testing strips

Urine dipstick testing

How to use a urine dipstick test strip

  • Always read the instructions supplied with the urine test strips prior to commencing the test as the read time ie the time the result is read may vary between brands
  • Collect a urine sample in a clean container
  • If the urine sample is being tested for infection, you may wish to send it to the lab for further tests, so in this case a sterile urine container should be used.
  • To perform the test you simply dip the test strip in the urine sample for the designated time
  • Then remove the urine test strip and lay it flat
  • Read the results after a couple of minutes

How to read the results on a urine dipstick

  • There is a simple colour comparison charts on side of each pot of urine test strips for each parameter
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