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Vitamin D Test Kits from ALLTEST

Vitamin D levels a concern as we approach winter

Vitamin D levels is being highlighted again this year in UK, as we approach winter, and the over 50 year old population in UK , have been having their vaccination boosters for Flu and Covid-19. Low levels of Vitamin D are associated with lowered immune response to infection exposure making clinical illness more likely. Having a darker skin and little skin exposure to natural daylight, both increase the risk of having reduced Vitamin D levels.

Rapid vitamin D test kits

vitamin d test kit

The ALLTEST Vitamin D rapid test kit uses lateral flow technology to estimate the blood levels of Vitamin D in a finger prick sample of blood. The vitamin d home test kit pack shown above contains all the equipment to complete a single Vitamin D measurement at home. By matching the test line density against a result card you can see if your levels of Vitamin D are insufficient or sufficient in under 15 minutes. The Vitamin D test kits are currently on special offer on the Valuemed website. 

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