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Amazon wholesale FBA suppliers UK

Are you looking for wholesale products to sell on Amazon FBA and seller fulfilled?

We are currently seeking UK partners for our Amazon FBA and Amazon Seller Fulfilled programs. Business owners looking to establish an Amazon sales channel or increase the range of profitable and proven product lines they sell on the Amazon sales platform should apply.

The FBA supplier program offers buyers access to our trade range of products and tests with permissions to sell on established ASIN listings, all offering established sales track records, high sales velocity and high page rankings within the Amazon catalog.

Amazon FBA wholesale supplier support

We offer a full support program to get you started and assist with Amazon permissions for category sales on a range of our brand registered and trademark protected products.

We can also offer a full Amazon bar code labelling and preparation service, so buyers can order restock items, have them bar code labelled by us using their FNSKU specific ASIN barcode, packaged in wholesale shippers for collection by an Amazon partner carrier from our UK warehouse, for delivery directly into an Amazon FBA warehouse for sale. 

Over 300 individual wholesale product lines are available, with bundle package options expanding the ASIN catalog to over 1000 possible listings.

All our trade lines are offered free of UK sales restrictions, and buyers are also encouraged to build their own Amazon listings and sales in other sale channels both online and physical.

Do you want to buy Amazon wholesale products or find out more about working with us?

if you would like to find out the Amazon wholesale products that Valuemed medical supplies can supply or think you would like to work with us visit our Amazon FBA wholesale suppliers information page  or contact our Amazon FBA wholesale trade team

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Sales manager of livingkoncept ltd .

We are an e Commerce retailer based in Manchester, UK.

We found your website during our product research. We are interested in your amazing products, as we are always looking for high-quality products and
brands for our customers.

We would like to sell your products on our channels.

We will be happy to open a wholesale account with you.

Please let us know if you need any further information.

Kind Regards,

Abrar Shafique
Sales Manager
Livingkoncept Ltd
07838 615141
0161 7060501

Abrar Shafique

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