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ALLTEST Lactoferrin test kits

  • Lactoferrin test cassettes for faeces allow instant onsite identification of faecal lactoferrin at levels of 100ng/ml and over as a marker of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
  • Pack of 10 test kits with 10 buffer/collectors and data sheet instruction.
  • Professional Lactoferrin Rapid Test for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
  • The Lactoferrin Rapid Test Device detects Lactoferrin in human faeces samples providing on-site results in 10 minutes
  • Each kit contains everything needed for a complete test - GP surgeries, clinics, laboratories (Professional Use)
  • In children early diagnosis can be important. Huma Lactoferrin, a neutrophil derived glycoprotein can be measured in faeces samples as a sensitive biomarker of paediatric IBD
  • The ALLTEST Lactoferrin rapid test can detect lactoferrin as low as 100ng/ml of faeces over 98% accuracy
  • This is a professional medical diagnostic test kit intended solely for use by healthcare professionals under the supervision of doctors