How to check sperm count at home naturally

How to check sperm count at home naturally

How can you check your sperm count

male fertility test kit at home sperm count check UK

If you are concerned about your sperm count it is now very quick and easy to check it at home using a home male fertility test kit. There are several of these on the market and most work in a similar way. The home sperm count test can be performed in a matter of minutes and will give you a result as to whether your sperm count is within the normal range or not.

You can test your fertility at home with these simple to use home sperm count test kits

Some home fertility tests will just measure the sperm count whereas some will also check sperm motility, as they only count the motile sperm.

Sperm motility ie how well the sperm swim,  as well as count, is important when it comes to male fertility.

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