efast auto lancing device

Auto lancing device

New eFAST auto lancing device

auto lancing device UK

We are pleased to add the eFAST auto-lancing device to our range of blood lancing device options.

The Chinese manufactured spring loaded lancing device comes packaged in the original manufacturers box with clear English instructions.

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eFAST lancing device features

  • The eFAST auto lancing device takes universal soft fit lancets which are widely available and it takes our standard 28G lancets from Sterilance and On Call (Not the flat Accu-Check white lancets)
  • 5 Depth settings are available from 1 to 5 with 5 being the deepest setting.
  • Loading the device is very quick and simple and the lance port hold the lancet firmly, giving a precise feel to the overall procedure.
  • Fitted with a quality spring and release button
  • eFAST auto lancing device offers excellent value and long life expectancy.
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