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ALLTEST Faecal Occult Blood Home Test Kit

ALLTEST Faecal Occult Blood Home Test Kit

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 Faecal Occult Blood FOB home test kit

This is a quick, easy and accurate FOB test kit bowel cancer test kit to perform stool test for Faecal Occult Blood (FOB), which means microscopic traces of blood in the stool. The presence of microscopic amounts of blood in the stool can be an indicator of bowel cancer or other bowel diseases. This home FOBT kit enables you quickly and easily test your poo

This FOB test kit is a screening test to pick up asymptomatic bowel disease. Always see your GP if you have any symptoms or signs suggestive of bowel cancer.

More information about the FOB bowel cancer screening test kit

  • The FOB test kit requires a small stool sample of faeces.
  • All the essential equipment for performing the FOB test at home is provided, along with detailed instructions.
  • The occult blood test kit can detect microscopic traces of blood in the faeces sample.
  • Customers who obtain a positive result on the home FOB test kit should seek medical advice.
  • The FOB test kit is single use.
  • Result in minutes
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