ketone breath meter accuracy

How to get the best out of a breath ketone meter when your dieting

What are breath ketone meters

ketone breath meter accuracy 

Breath ketone meters are great little pocket-size devices for estimating ketone levels.

They are really only suitable for ketosis dieters, as they do not give the accuracy required for diabetic ketosis monitoring.

Does a breath ketone meter measure ketone levels on breath

All breath ketone meters measure acetone as an indicator of the underlying beta ketone levels.

With more and more people following a low carb, ketone diet the traditional measuring tool was urine dip tests for ketone bodies. The only alternative used to be finger-prick blood testing using expensive blood test strips and a digital blood ketone meter.

Breath ketone meters are a simple cheap and non-invasive alternative, but there are some tricks to getting good results.

We have produced an information page to help you get the best results from your breath ketone meter, with advice on how to avoid the common pitfalls associated with breath testing and tips to help with ketone breath meter accuracy

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