uric acid home test

Uric Acid Home Test

Can I check my uric acid at home?

Yes the technology is available to allow you to test your own uric acid level. Now low cost self-testing at home for real time blood uric acid, is possible using a range of newly developed uric acid meters that work with uric acid test strips.

If you are wanting more than a one off uric acid test result, then the best option remains one of the digital hand held uric acid meter systems, which use uric acid test strips, to measure the levels of uric acid in a tiny blood sample, obtained by doing a finger prick using a disposable lancet.

Uric acid is a dynamically changing thing, and levels can vary throughout the day. The normal range for blood uric acid in adults is between 3.5 and 7.2 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL) Persistent levels above 7.2mg/dL should be investigated if the cause is not already identified.

What causes a high uric acid level

Elevated levels of uric acid in the blood can cause a painful condition called gout in which uric acid crystals can deposit in the joints causing painful swollen joints, or can the crystals can deposit in the kidneys causing kidney stones. 

There are multiple causes of high levels of uric acid in blood, not all of them are caused by over production, as renal or kidney impairment which blocks excretion can also lead to elevated blood uric acid levels. For this reason we recommend blood testing rather than urine tests to identify elevated uric acid, as urine dip tests can be negative in severe renal impairment.

How to test uric acid at home?

To test your uric acid level at home, we recommend either the Easylife triple meter with uric acid function or the eBuricacid uric acid meter system. Both of these uric acid meters offer excellent and accurate uric acid measurement that you can do easily at home, and enable you to quickly and easily test and monitor your uric acid levels.

How much do the uric acid test strips cost?

Refill packs of uric acid test strips are available for both uric acid meters, in packs of 25 uric acid test strips for £17.99. 

The EasyLife Triple or GCU meter starter pack also comes with the ability to check total cholesterol and blood glucose, (using separate test strips, starter packs come supplied with the GCU meter) both are co-associated with elevation of uric acid, so it's well worth considering utilising these features.


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