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Gardiner Brown Tuning Fork is a medical instrument that produces a consistent and precise tone when struck. It was invented by Dr. John Gardiner and Dr. David L. Brown in 1864, and it has been widely used in medical practice since then.

The Gardiner Brown Tuning Fork is a two-pronged fork made of steel. It is available in  a frequency of 128 Hz, 256 Hz and 512 Hz. 512 Hz is in the range of frequencies that can be detected by the human ear. When struck, the tuning fork vibrates, producing a tone that is used in a variety of medical applications. If just one frequency of tuning fork is to be purchased then 512 should be the preferred option because it closely matches the frequency of speech. 

One of the primary uses of the Gardiner Brown Tuning Fork is in testing hearing. The tuning fork is struck and then held close to the ear of the patient. The patient is asked to indicate when they can no longer hear the sound. This test is often used to determine if there is hearing loss in one or both ears.

The tuning fork is also used in neurological exams to test for nerve damage. The fork is struck and then placed on different parts of the body to test for sensations such as vibration and proprioception (the sense of knowing where one's body is in space). The tuning fork can also be used to test for vibration sense by placing it on the bone as it has a base plate for Rinne and Weber testing in medicine.

Additionally, the Gardiner Brown Tuning Fork is used in acupuncture to locate acupuncture points on the body. The tuning fork is struck and then held near the skin until it vibrates in response to a specific point on the body. This helps acupuncturists to accurately locate the points where the needles should be placed.

In summary, the Gardiner Brown Tuning Fork is a versatile medical instrument that has been used for over a century to test hearing and peripheral nerve function. It has also found use in acupuncture practice to locate acupuncture points. Despite the advancement of medical technology, the Gardiner Brown Tuning Fork remains an essential tool for many medical professionals.

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