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Ketone breath meter with 10 mouth pieces

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  • Breath ketone meters are used for estimating ketone levels via breath acetone sampling.
  • EEK manufactured digital ketone breath meter as shown above.
  • UK level display of ketone levels in mmol/L expected blood equivalent.
  • Uses a 10 second breath sample to estimate the real time blood ketone levels.
  • This ketone breath meter is ideal for detecting diet induced ketosis as part of a weight loss or training regime.
  • A ketone breathalyser can be used repeatedly
  • Using a ketone breath analyser avoids the need to take finger prick blood samples to measure your ketone levels.
  • All ketone breath meters work by detecting breath acetone body levels and electronically converts these to corresponding blood ketone levels expected.
  • This is the best ketone meter in UK if you do not want tp have to do a fingerprick test on your blood
  • While a breath ketone meter will never be as accurate as direct blood ketone tests, this ketone meter comes very close with accuracy of +/- 15% compared to blood ketone meters.
  • The ketone meter requires 2AA batteries (not supplied)
  • Includes 10 mouthpieces (can be re-used if being used for personal ketone testing)
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  • Users must avoid damaging the sensor with alcohol or tar when sampling.
  • Some variation is sequential testing is to be expected. Odours, scents, and volatile esters can affect readings.
  • A guide to getting accurate readings is sent with every unit purchased.

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