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Ketone Breath Meter

Ketone Breath Meter

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The breath ketone meter is out of stock. We recommend the On Call GK blood ketone meter which is our best selling and most accurate and reliable ketone meter.

Ketone breath meter with 10 mouth pieces

  • A Breath Ketone meter is not as accurate or reliable as a blood ketone meter and the results may vary considerably. The breath ketone meters will just give you an indication of whether or not you are in ketosis.
  • Breath ketone meters are used for estimating ketone levels via breath acetone sampling.
  • EEK manufactured digital ketone breath meter as shown above.
  • UK level display of ketone levels in mmol/L expected blood equivalent.
  • Uses a 10 second breath sample to estimate the real time blood ketone levels.
  • This ketone breath meter is ideal for detecting diet induced ketosis as part of a weight loss or training regime.
  • A ketone breathalyser can be used repeatedly
  • Using a ketone breath analyser avoids the need to take finger prick blood samples to measure your ketone levels.
  • All ketone breath meters work by detecting breath acetone body levels and electronically converts these to corresponding blood ketone levels expected.
  • This is the best ketone meter in UK if you do not want to have to do a finger prick test on your blood
  • While a breath ketone meter will never be as accurate as direct blood ketone tests, this ketone meter comes very close with accuracy of +/- 15% compared to blood ketone meters.
  • The ketone meter requires 2AA batteries (not supplied)
  • Includes 10 mouthpieces (can be re-used if being used for personal ketone testing)
  • Buy breath ketone meters online in UK
  • Users must avoid damaging the sensor with alcohol or tar when sampling.
  • Some variation is sequential testing is to be expected. Odours, scents, and volatile esters can affect readings.
  • A guide to getting accurate readings is sent with every unit purchased.

Breath Ketone Meters UK Supplier

If you would like to buy breath ketone meters in UK in bulk packs or wholesale for resale or research please contact our trade team for wholesale and trade prices or visit our UK trade website and search on ketone breath meters. We also have an extensive range of blood ketone meters

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sally Lodge
Initially v. please but meter playing up now

when I first got the breath meter I was really pleased with it. I have used it as instructed and not over blown.
However, in the past few days it is not registering properly - even if I don't blow into it it is recording readings!
They gradually go down over a few non breath goes, but now I'm not trusting its readings when I do blow!
I have changed the batteries and made sure that the blow mouth piece is not open. There are no smells to affect it either.
Advice on this would be useful.
The blood test meters are so expensive (with the cost of the strips) that I found this along with a glucose blood test was a good way for me to monitor my GKI levels.
I often do a couple of readings (at least 5 mins apart). The instructions say to use the highest readings as ketones "tend to sit at the bottom of your lungs"!
Only 4 stars because of the current problem.

Hi Sally thank you for the review. The ketone breath meters are not as accurate as the blood ketone meters, and there are lots of things that can affect the readings. The best time to use one is first thing in the morning before you have brushed your teeth or had anything to drink. They are very useful for people following low carb diets where they may only be testing once daily. You may find this blog post tips helpful to get the best results from your breath ketone meter

If you contact our customer support team they will be able to advise further. Kathy in customer support uses a breath ketone meter herself, and has lots of useful tips.

Ian Day
Use of KEYTO breath meter - not the meter on sale here.

I use the ketone blood test strips you supply and the Keyto breath meter.
Blood ketone readings range from 0.5 - 1.5
I'm T2 diabetic with HbA1c = 6.6 (49)
I've been on a low carb/keto diet for 12 years
This is a review of the Keyto meter sent to the supplier. .
The calibration is 1-8 with advice in words. What is the mmol/litre equivalent? I know it's a breath tester not a blood tester, but there must be some correlation.
My tests indicate that -
Keyto 2-3 is around 0.5 mmol/l
Keyto 3-4 is around 0.5 mmol/l
Keyto 5 is around 2 - mmol/l
Keyto 7 is around 5 mmol/l - a test on my granddaughter who is on a keto diet for epilepsy.
Further tests gave erratic results -
Just retested successive tests
Keyto - 5,4,1,3
Meter - 0.6
The keyto test seem to depend on the blowing technique - I started late on the "1" reading.
Rather than spending £1 on every test on the meter, I will aim at 4+ on the keyto & as for the past year rely on intelligent keto diet & weighing.
3 minutes warming up time is inconvenient - mustn't blink or we miss the blowing time.

Easy to use

Hi, I’ve been using the breath ketone meter for a few weeks and find it easy to use. I measure first thing in the morning every day to be consistent and log my results. This helps me monitor which foods lessen my level of Ketosis and confirms that I am still in Ketosis. I have had a couple of alarmingly high readings though and thought my sensor had been damaged but it’s now back to regular levels. Any reason for this. I’ve followed all the rules re not eating or drinking or brushing teeth or using mouthwash before using and do so in a clean non- polluted state. Please advise. Thank you.

Hi Cheryl thank you for the review. Were glad to hear that you are finding the ketone breath meter easy to use.
There are lots of substances both on your breath and in the air that can affect the readings on the meter and give erratic or high results. The ketone meters are very sensitive. Common ones on the breath are alcohol and in the air perfumes and cleaning products. Also fumes from cooking can effect the meter if you test where you are cooking or eating. We have an information page here that you will find helpful


Love this little machine and it just keeps me going and keeps me motivated I have been tracking my carbohydrates and I have been saying under the amount to keep you in ketosis but recently when I have done the breath test it said 0 and when I have retested it shows up as 2 so I'm not quite sure what's going on and can't find who to ask

Hi Jo thank you for the review. Usually if you are getting variable readings it is due to the blow technique. I use one of these ketone breath meters every day for the last 12 months so have found all the things that can affect the readings. Best time to test is first thing in the morning as soon as you wake up before you drink anything or even brush your teeth or get dressed. The Ketone breath meters are very sensitive and lots of things that contain any alcohol can effect the readings and give high readings. This is because the breath ketone meter can not distinguish between alcohol and ketones . I recently found spray perfume on myself and then using it gave me a enormous reading, that was due to the meter picking up alcohol in the perfume. Also if their alcohol on your breath from the night before this will give an abnormally high reading. Even brushing your teeth or having a drink can affect the readings. I use mine mainly as a guide as to whether I am managing to maintain ketosis or not and its been a very good indicator in the time Ive been using it. I only test once a day first thing in the morning before I do anything as I find results later in the day are less reliable as so many things affect the readings.
We are going to write an FAQ section on website for the ketone meters. I will e-mail you link when its written.
Hope this is helpful,
Kind regards,
Kate G
Access Diagnostic Tests Customer Support Team

Great ketone meter

I have been using this ketone meter for 2 weeks now and it’s brilliant ! Takes a bit of practice at first but when you master the 10 second blow it gives a reliable and motivating indicator of how much ketone you produce and how good a carb restriction you are achieving

Great value. Easy to use and I would recommend it to anyone looking doing a keto diet