£9.95 GBP

Double tube (2 tubes) BP cuffs

  • Double tube BP cuffs in a range of sizes for traditional manual aneroid sphygmomanometers with separate pump and dials each connected to a tube
  • All latex free BP cuff
  • Velcro fastening.

Available in the following BP cuff sizes

  • Neonatal 2 Tube BP Cuff (Cuff Width 4.5cm, For Upper Arms 0-17cm in length)
  • Paediatric- Infant 2 Tube BP Cuff (Cuff Width 7.5cm, For Upper Arms 13-19cm in length)
  • Large Adult 2 Tube BP Cuff (Cuff Width 17cm, For Upper Arms 35-50cm in length)
  • Extra Large Adult / Thigh 2 Tube BP Cuff (Cuff Width 22cm, For Upper Arms 40-65cm in length)

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