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EASYLIFE Blood Haemoglobin Anaemia Meter

EASYLIFE Blood Haemoglobin Anaemia Meter

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If the Easylife haemoglobin meter is out of stock a great alternative is the Easylife combined blood glucose/ cholesterol / haemoglobin meter 

EasyLife haemoglobin anaemia meter

The Easylife Haemoglobin meter tests haemoglobin level in a blood sample for anaemia

Key features of the Easylife Haemoglobin Meter

  • Hb measuring range 7-26g/dl (70-260g/l) Haematocrit must be in the range 20-70%
  • A complete haemoglobin meter testing kit solution for the detection and monitoring of anaemia.
  • Anaemia meter and anaemia test strips CE certified for European clinical (professional) and self-test use.
  • Each haemoglobin test strip is single use 
  • Replacement haemoglobin test strips for the the Easylife haemoglobin meter are available 
Easylife Haemoglobin Meter starter pack contents:
  • Haemoglobin meter
  • Batteries
  • Instructions
  • Lancets and lancing device
  • 5 Easylife haemoglobin meter Hb test strips

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