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10 EASYLIFE Blood Cholesterol Test Strips

10 EASYLIFE Blood Cholesterol Test Strips

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Easylife cholesterol test strips for use in EASYLIFE cholesterol meter

EASYLIFE Cholesterol Test Strips use advanced technology to accurately measure total cholesterol levels in a few minutes. With a 98% accuracy rate, this reliable cholesterol test kit is an easy and cost-efficient way to monitor cholesterol levels either at home, or in a professional occupational health or health clinic setting.

Please note this cholesterol test kit requires an Easylife cholesterol meter to read the results.

Key features of the easylife cholesterol test strips

  • Packs of 10 Easylife cholesterol test strips 
  • Can be used in any Easylife cholesterol meter
  • CE certified cholesterol test for European clinical and self-test use.
  • EasyLife Cholesterol blood test strips allow fast easy and accurate self testing of total cholesterol levels in a finger prick sample of capillary blood.
  • The Cholesterol blood test strips indicate total cholesterol and for this reason are best used on fasting blood samples to give an indication of base line total cholesterol.
  • Strips are specific to the EasyLife brand of digital meters sold in Europe and cannot be used in EasySure brand meters.

Easylife cholesterol test kit pack contents:

  • 10 EasyLife blood cholesterol test strips for use in the easylife cholesterol meters
  • 1 code chip
  • User instruction sheet


Easylife Cholesterol test strips can be used in the following Easylife meters:

  • Easylife GCH Blood Glucose/ Cholesterol/ Haemoglobin meter
  • Easylife GCU Blood Glucose/ Cholesterol/ Uric acid meter

How to insert the Easylife cholesterol test strips into the Easylife cholesterol meter

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