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10 EASYLIFE PLUS Blood Cholesterol Test Strips

10 EASYLIFE PLUS Blood Cholesterol Test Strips

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Now in the the new Easylife Plus packaging which arrived in stock 26/3/24, video shows the old Easylife cholesterol test strips packaging. Tests are the same.

Easylife plus cholesterol test strips for use in EASYLIFE cholesterol meter and EasyLife plus meters

EASYLIFE Cholesterol Test Strips use advanced technology to accurately measure total cholesterol levels in a few minutes. With a 98% accuracy rate, this reliable cholesterol test kit is an easy and cost-efficient way to monitor cholesterol levels either at home, or in a professional occupational health or health clinic setting.

Please note this cholesterol test kit requires an Easylife cholesterol meter to read the results.

Key features of the easylife cholesterol test strips

  • Packs of 10 Easylife cholesterol test strips 
  • Can be used in any Easylife cholesterol meter
  • CE certified cholesterol test for European clinical and self-test use.
  • EasyLife Cholesterol blood test strips allow fast easy and accurate self testing of total cholesterol levels in a finger prick sample of capillary blood.
  • The Cholesterol blood test strips indicate total cholesterol and for this reason are best used on fasting blood samples to give an indication of base line total cholesterol.
  • Strips are specific to the EasyLife brand of digital meters sold in Europe and cannot be used in EasySure brand meters.

Easylife cholesterol test kit pack contents:

  • 10 EasyLife blood cholesterol test strips for use in the easylife cholesterol meters
  • 1 code chip
  • User instruction sheet


Easylife Cholesterol test strips can be used in the following Easylife meters:

  • Easylife GCH Blood Glucose/ Cholesterol/ Haemoglobin meter
  • Easylife GCU Blood Glucose/ Cholesterol/ Uric acid meter

How to insert the Easylife cholesterol test strips into the Easylife cholesterol meter

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Can you give me any tips on obtaining the finger prick blood sample?

Obtaining a good finger prick blood sample is crucial to getting accurate results with any home blood test. We have created a video for each product which shows a great demonstration of exactly how you should be using the lancets and test provided, and the prep needed to perfuse the fingers.

We have put together our top tips on performing a finger prick blood test to help you here

Are there any medical conditions which would prevent me getting accurate cholesterol results?

Yes there are a few medical conditions and drug supplements that can interfere with your cholesterol test results.

Please consider the following if you are not getting consistent or accurate readings with your cholesterol meter:

  • High dose Vitamin C. Ascorbic Acid supplements, often as part of multivitamins or taken on their own will interfere with results. If they are not prescribed and it is possible to stop taking Vitamin C in high dose, cholesterol testing can be resumed after 7 days.
  • High Bilirubin levels in the blood will interfere with cholesterol test results. The level may be below that required to cause clinical jaundice. Raised bilirubin levels in the blood can occur in many medical conditions including anaemia, cirrhosis, following a blood transfusion, Gilbert syndrome—a common, inherited condition in which there is a deficiency of an enzyme that helps break down bilirubin, viral hepatitis, gall bladder disease, as a reaction to drugs (including statins) and in alcoholic liver disease.
  • High urate levels can result from renal disease and early kidney failure but can also be caused by many other things including dehydration, diuretics (water retention relievers), drinking too much alcohol, drinking too much soda or eating too much of foods that contain fructose, a type of sugar, high blood pressure (hypertension), Immune-suppressing drugs, Leukemia.
  • Haemolysis, the breakdown of large numbers of blood cells. Routinely follows a blood transfusion, but can also occur after trauma, surgery, and in a range of blood and bone marrow diseases.

With the exception of Vitamin C and prescribed drugs, most of the above will require medical investigation to confirm the underlying cause, but is worth considering if the cholesterol meter check device test is normal and the lancing technique, sample collection, and procedure are all correct. Please just don't blame the meter, or ignore the results, the problem may in fact be you! It could be something that you are taking or that you have an underlying medical condition that you may be completely unaware of!

Customer Reviews

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Linda Salter
Easy to use

You need to make sure you have enough blood on your strip or it gives a wrong reading

Trevor Jones
Lance the side of your finger

I struggled with getting enough blood for the meter to work. Phoned the supplier and asked to finger prick on the side of finger and you bleed loads doing this, no problem getting plenty of blood on the strip since and no more wasted strips. Wish they told you this first.

Geoffrey Neill
Taking blood Cholesterol

Using the Easy Life instrument I too found getting a full measure of blood into the test strip a bit hit and miss. Warming fingers and or taking some exercise before taking
the test all helps.

Ralph White
Be Careful

Be Careful that there is ENOUGH BLOOD on your finger b4 touching the strip else you will waste the EXPENSIVE strip