Alltest Infectious mononucleosis test kits

20 ALLTEST Infectious Mononucleosis Test Kits

  • £35.99

Whole Blood / Serum / Plasma Rapid onsite Infectious Mononucleosis (IM) (Glandular Fever) Test Kits (cassettes)

  • Suitable for venous whole blood and capillary/fingerprick samples as well as serum and plasma samples
  • CE, FDA, ISO, TUV quality certificates
  • Relative accuracy of >99.3% c/w slide agglutination tests
  • Used extensively in NHS labs for rapid IM diagnosis.
  • Identifies Infectious Mononucleosis infections allowing rapid near-patient diagnosis.
  • CE FDA ISO TUV quality certs
  • Relative accuracy of >99.3% c/w slide agglutination tests
  • Professional use medical test kits for glandular fever
  • Suitable for GP surgery, hospital and clinic use
  • This is not a home test kit
  • Manufactured by ALLTEST

Pack contents

  • 20 test cassettes
  • 20 droppers
  • Buffer
  • Negative control
  • Positive control
  • Pack insert datasheet