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Alcodigital Platinum Replacement Fuel Cell Sensor

Alcodigital Platinum Replacement Fuel Cell Sensor

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Replacement sensor for Alcodigital Platinum fuel cell breathalyser 

  • Clip in clip out replaceable fuel cell sensor module for Alcodigital platinum fuel cell breathalyser 
  • Sensor is easy to change yourself
  • The replacement Alcodigital Platinum sensor has been factory calibrated to ensure accuracy
  • This is the replacement sensor module only, the Alcodigital Platinum breathalyser is available separately

How often should the sensor module in the Alcodigital platinum fuel cell breathalyser be changed

  • To ensure the accuracy of this fuel cell breathalyser the sensor in the Alcodigital platinum breathalyser must be replaced regularly
  • This should be done every 12 months or 500 breath alcohol tests, whichever comes first.
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