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ALLTEST 4 Panel Saliva Multi Drug Test Kit DSD-843

ALLTEST 4 Panel Saliva Multi Drug Test Kit DSD-843

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Multi drug saliva drug test kit

This saliva drug test kit tests 4 common drugs:

  1. Cannabis 12ng/ml THC 9up to 8-12 hours only if THC residues remain in mouth)
  2. Cocaine 20ng/ml COC (up to 24 hrs)
  3. Opiates 40ng/ml OPI Opiate & Heroin (up to 48 hrs)
  4. Amphetamine 50ng/ml AMP (up to 72hrs)

Key features of this ALLTEST 4 panel drug test kit

  • Screens for 4 common drugs including Cannabis THC
  • Over 99% accuracy.
  • Each drug is detectable by this saliva drug test kit for a different amount of time after last use.
  • The detection times are given in brackets after each drug in the list.
  • Simple and easy to use oral fluid mouth swab saliva drug test kit
  • Results in minutes
  • Full instructions included. 

THC detection in saliva

Detecting THC in saliva has historically posed a challenge. While most saliva drug tests primarily identify drug metabolites, this approach proves highly unreliable when it comes to THC. Through a collaborative effort with ALLTEST, the manufacturer of this drug test kit, we have addressed this issue and devised a more dependable solution for detecting Cannabis in saliva.

Our innovative approach focuses on detecting the parent THC drug rather than its metabolites. This shift in methodology significantly enhances the reliability of our saliva drug test for Cannabis.

To ensure the efficacy of this drug test, it's crucial to use the collector swab by thoroughly swiping it around the entire oral cavity to capture these THC residues. For optimal results, testing immediately after Cannabis use offers the highest likelihood of successful detection.

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