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ALLTEST 12 in 1 Saliva Multi Drug Test Kit With Alcohol DSD-8127

ALLTEST 12 in 1 Saliva Multi Drug Test Kit With Alcohol DSD-8127

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Saliva drug testing kit screening for 12 common drug groups

Saliva drug screening test kit with Individual positive or negative results for the following in a single use oral drug test kit.

  1. Cannabis (detection for 8-12hrs)
  2. Synthetic Cannabinoids / K2 / Spice (detection for 24-48hrs)
  3. Cocaine (detection for 24-48hrs)
  4. Amphetamine (detection for 72hrs)
  5. Methamphetamine (detection for 72hrs)
  6. Opiates, e.g. Morphine and Heroin (detection for 7-21hrs)
  7. Methadone (detection for 4-12hrs)
  8. Buprenorphine (detection for 72hrs)
  9. Oxycodone (detection for 72hrs)
  10. Benzodiazepines (detection for 72hrs)
  11. Phencyclidine / PCP (detection for 12-24hrs)
  12. Alcohol (detection is at a 0.02% BAC limit)

Using the ALL TEST 12 in 1 saliva drug test with alcohol DSD-8127

  • One of the most comprehensive saliva drug screening tests available
  • Each drug has a different length of time after last use for which it will be detectable by this drug test kit. These times are given in brackets after each drug in the list above.
  • The drug test is simple and easy to perform.
  • Instructions are included.
  • The collection swab must be wiped all around the mouth, gums and teeth to collect drug residues, then saturated in saliva to run all 12 elements of the single test.
  • All necessary equipment is provided.
  • Each oral drug test kit is single use.
  • The oral drug test can be performed and results obtained within 10 minutes.
  • To see our full range of oral fluid saliva drug testing kits visit UK Drug Testing
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