ALLTEST Male Fertility Test Kit

  • £5.75

ALLTEST Home Male Fertility Test Kit

  • This is an easy to use home male fertility test kit to check sperm count
  • All equipment is included, along with detailed instructions.
  • Enough equipment is provided to test 1 sperm (semen) sample.
  • The test measures sperm concentration and is able to tell you whether it is normal or low, where low is defined as <million/ml.
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Customers who obtain low results and are struggling to conceive, should seek medical advice.
  • Manufactured by ALLTEST
  • CE marked rapid diagnostic test kit for self testing
  • Store test at room temperature

Pack contents

  • Rapid sperm concentration test cassette x 1 
  • Collection cup x 1
  • Staining solution x1
  • Dropper x1
  • Washing solution x 1
  • Package insert
  • Procedure card

This sperm count test does does not check sperm motility. If you want a home test kit that also checks sperm motility see Fertilityscore 

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