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EASYLIFE Uric Acid Control Solution

EASYLIFE Uric Acid Control Solution

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EasyLife Uric Acid strip control solution

Control solution is specific to the batch code of the test strips and must match, so please ensure you purchase the correct code solution for the Easylife uric acid test strips you have.

Key points about Easylife Uric acid control solution

  • Control test solution for the EasyLife uric acid test strips.
  • Use these control solutions to test the accuracy of the Easylife uric acid meter and test strips as required.
  • The code for the control solution must match the code on the test strips being used.
  • If you do not see the code for your test strips please contact us.
  • All tests CE certified for European clinical (professional) and self-test use.

1 vial 1ml Uric Acid control solution for the Easylife GCU meter

The easylife control solution is not needed for the set up or routine operation of the easylife GCU meter.

The purpose of the uric acid control solution is to validate the performance of the meter when testing uric acid levels using a testing solution with a known level of cholesterol concentration.

When should you use the Easylife uric acid control solution?

Do not purchase Easylife control solution unless you need to use it straight away as the expiry date is always very short.

Use the control solution if you wish to check or verify the accuracy of the meter or if you suspect that there is a problem with either your blood sampling technique, the meter or the test strips.

Key features of Easylife cholesterol control solution

  • Control solution pack containing 1 vial of Easylife uric acid meter control solution
  • Easylife uric acid control solution only works in the easylife blood cholesterol meter also known as GCU meter which is sold separately
  • The Easylife Uric Acid control solution should be used within 1 month of opening the sealed pack, or before the expiry date if that is sooner.

Using the Easylife Uric Acid control solution 

  • The acceptable range for the control solution is indicated on each package of test strips.
  • The specified control solution range is applicable only to the Easylife brand of Uric Acid Control Solution.
  • Always verify the expiration date and avoid using expired control solution.
  • Upon opening a new bottle of Easylife Uric Acid control solution, remember to label it with the date of opening.
  • Dispose of any unused control solution after the expiration date or within 1 months of opening, whichever comes first.
  • After use, store the control solution in the refrigerator; do not freeze.
  • Before reusing the control solution, let it sit at room temperature for at least 30 minutes.
  • Avoid touching the tip of the control solution bottle to the test strip.
  • Do not apply a second drop of control solution to the test strip.
  • Immediately replace the cap on the control solution bottle after use.
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