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eBketone ketone meter control test solution.

  • Packs of ebketone ketone meter control test solution for calibration testing of the eBketone blood ketone meter and test strips
  • Only works in the eBketone ketone meter system 
  • Requires eBketone blood ketone meter and strips sold separately.
  • Manufactured by eBwell
  • The eBketone blood ketone meter system is initially calibrated using the RANDOX RB1007 assay by Hitachi to meet industry standards of no more than 6% variance compared to laboratory whole blood samples.
  • The test procedure has also been assessed and shown reliable in 3 independent clinical studies.
  • This means you can expect reliable blood ketone test results comparable to laboratory ketone tests when using this meter system.
  • The test solution allow you to test the specificity and accuracy of the ketone meter after a period of use.