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eBketone Blood Ketone Meter KickStarter Pack

eBketone Blood Ketone Meter KickStarter Pack

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eBketone ketone meter

This ketone meter kickstarter pack contains everything you need to start monitoring your blood ketone levels if you are following a keto diet.

The eBketone ketone meter kickStarter pack special offer includes the eBketone ketone meter. This device provides reliable results, allowing users to monitor blood ketone levels with undisputed accuracy. It is also very easy to use, offering an intuitive interface and clear readings for better ketone tracking. The KickStarter Pack Special Offer makes this meter more accessible. You can also buy more ketone test strips with your meter, and save more with the meter + 20 or +50 strip + 50 lancet pack offer. 

eBketone meter pack contents

  • The eBketone meter with batteries
  • Auto-lancing device to make using the lancets easy
  • 10 eBketone test strips
  • 10 lancets for obtaining a finger prick blood sample
  • Warranty card
  • User instructions

Key features of the eBketone blood ketone meter for blood ketone level testing

  • Fast, accurate and easy to use blood ketone meter with beta ketone testing
  • Buy more ketone test strips with your meter and save more with the meter + 20 or +50 strip + 50 lancet pack offer. 
  • Allow fast, reliable and accurate measurement of real-time blood beta ketone levels (mmol/l)
  • This blood ketone meter is easy enough for home and self-testing when monitoring diabetic control and also suitable for ketosis induced in low carb diets
  • Accurate enough for professional clinic testing by GP's nurse specialists, out patients and health screening professionals
  • The ebketone ketone meter requires eBketone blood ketone tests strips
  • This meter system does not have a glucose test function, but the matching eBwell blood glucose meter is available.
  • Manufactured by eBwell
  • Best ketone meter in UK

Why buy the ebketone blood ketone meter ?

  • The ebketone meter is very easy to set up and use, just insert a strip and its ready to go.
  • Only needs a tiny blood sample 0.5uL to test
  • Results in just 10 seconds on a large clear display
  • Meter holds 180 results with time and date
  • Takes standard AAA batteries
  • Comes with a well written user guide with tips and troubleshooting section
  • Full UK 12 month warrantee and UK based (office hours) technical support.
  • Ketone meters and ketone test strips supplied from UK stock with a supply promise to ensure longevity of your ketone meter

How accurate is the eBketone blood ketone meter?

The eBketone blood ketone meter system is calibrated using the RANDOX RB1007 assay by Hitachi to meet industry standards of no more than 6% variance compared to laboratory whole blood samples. The test procedure has also been assessed and shown reliable in 3 independent clinical studies. This means you can expect reliable blood ketone test results comparable to laboratory ketone tests when using this meter system.

Video showing you how to use the ebketone meter to measure blood ketone levels


More video guides on the eBketone blood ketone meter videos including what's in the pack, and how to set up the meter time and date

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