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ALLTEST Festival Urine Multi Drug Test Kit 5 Panel

ALLTEST Festival Urine Multi Drug Test Kit 5 Panel

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Festival drugs drug test kit

This urine drug test kits tests for the most common drugs taken by festival goers in the UK. It is an ideal drug test kit for parents who wish to screen their teenagers for drugs or for employers who are concerned about festival drugs use in their employees.

Drugs detected in urine by the Festival drug test kit

  • Amphetamine Speed 500ng/ml  
  • Cannabis THC 20ng/ml 
  • Cocaine and Crack Cocaine 
  • Ketamine Ket or Special K 100ng/ml 
  • MDMA 1000ng/ml 

The drug test kit detects whether the 5 drugs above have been taken.

How long after use are the drug detected in urine by the festival drug testing kit?

The drugs may be detected in urine for up to 3-4 days after last use. Occasionally longer.  Cannabis THC can sometimes be detected for up to 30 days using these ultra sensitive THC urine drug tests, although that is unusual and usually indicates a very high level of Cannabis use or repeated use.

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