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LUCAE Tuning Forks

LUCAE Tuning Forks

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Lucae medical tuning forks 

  • The Lucae tuning fork is used as part of ENT and neurological examinations to assess hearing loss
  • Each Lucae tuning fork has two prongs, a shoulder, a stem and a plastic foot on the base.
  • Pinging the prongs of the Lucae tuning forks or striking them on a hard surface produces a set frequency.
  • All of these Lucae ENT tuning forks are manufactured from good quality materials
  • Can easily be sterilised and re-used in otology and neurology examinations.

Lucae tuning fork frequencies available:

  • 128 Hz
  • 256 Hz
  • 512 Hz

How to use a Lucae tuning fork

To obtain the tuning fork’s frequency, hold the plastic foot and strike the prongs on a hard surface. Lucae tuning forks are used by doctors in an ENT examination to test both air conduction of sound and bone conduction, and to assess which hearing loss by frequency.

To assess air conduction of a particular frequency of sound the tuning fork once activated, is placed at right angles close to but not touching the ear.

To assess bone conduction of sound at a particular frequency the base of the tuning fork is placed on the mastoid process, after the tuning fork has been activated. 


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