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Nitric Oxide Saliva Test Strips

Nitric Oxide Saliva Test Strips

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Nitric oxide indicator test strips for saliva

  • Quick and easy test strips to test the level of nitric oxide in a saliva sample
  • Ideal for those looking to optimise workouts
  • Test effectiveness of pre-workout NOX supplements (such as L-citrulline & L-arginine)
  • Simple saliva test kit 
  • Very easy to read results using a colour chart
  • 25 nitric acid test strips in each sealed plastic bottle
  • These saliva nitric oxide test strips quickly test the level of nitric oxide in the saliva in seconds.
  • Good levels of nitric oxide are crucial for an effective workout.
  • Using nitric oxide test strips to measure the levels of nitric oxide can help enhance workout programs and the use of supplements and rehydration. 

How to use the Nitric oxide saliva test strips

  • Simply dip the strip into saliva and wait 15 seconds for the strip to change colour. Match the colour of the strip to the chart which indicates the level of Nitric Oxide on a SIX level scale from Depleted (10mg/L) through to Very High (870mg/L)
  • The nitric oxide test is ideal for those whom are looking to achieve a high level of Nitric Oxide for workouts.
  • The tests are also ideal for those taking NOX boosting supplements such as L-arginine and L-citrulline and looking to measure the effect of the supplements.



  • 25 nitric oxide saliva test strips
  • Saliva test strip directions on plastic vial


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