25 On Call Blood Ketone Test Strips- in stock NOW

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25 Blood Ketone test strips- packs for use in the On Call GK Dual blood meter system.

Good news. In Stock now available for immediate dispatch. 

  • Ketone test strips- for testing blood ketones levels in whole blood using the On Call GK Dual blood glucose and ketone meter
  • CE0123 Accuracy for self and professional ketone testing
  • Mission On call blood ketone test strips are an easy and accurate way to measure blood ketone levels
  • Used by Diabetics suffering keto-acidosis
  • Ketone test strips are also used by fat burning dieters monitoring the level of self-inflicted ketone burn as part of carbohydrate restriction diets.
  • To use these blood ketone test strip you will need to pre-purchase a Mission On call GK Dual meter starter pack available here 
  • The On Call ketone test strips will not work with any other model in the On Call meter series, only the GK dual meter.

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