£11.95 GBP

Pet Guard Dog Blood Glucose Test Strip Refill

  • Refill packs of 25 Pet Guard blood glucose test strips for use in the Pet Guard Blood Glucose Meter
  • Allow rapid on-site or home testing of your Dog's blood glucose (sugar) level.
  • Blood glucose measuring range 1.1-33.3mmol/L
  • Small sample requirement, just 0.8uL
  • Results in just 6 seconds
  • Suitable for marginal ear, paw pad, leg callus, and inner or outer lip sampling.

You require a Pet Guard Glucose Meter to use these strips

    Why choose Pet Guard for your Dog's blood glucose system?

    • Manufactured by Easy Life Green Technology, one of the Worlds leading manufacturers of Human glucose meters
    • Easy to use and accurate results.
    • Small blood sample volume
    • Low-cost test strips for regular testing with a 90 day best before once seal on packs opened and 12-18 month expiry dates on un-opened packs.
    • UK customer support and warrantee.