Pinard Horn Stethoscope Wood

  • £5.54

Pinard stethoscope made of wood

  • Classic wooden Pinard foetal stethoscopes for midwives.
  • Robust
  • Used by midwives to listen to foetal heart and to help identify the foetal position in the womb
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Traditional design Pinard stethoscope

  • This traditional design is used to listen to babies heart beat during pregnancy and were very widely used by doctors and midwives before foetal heart monitors became widely available in UK
  • Still useful as it can help to identify foetal position in the womb. Still popular method to listen to foetal heart beat in Europe. 
  • The Pinard horn was invented in 1895 and is named after its inventor Adolphe Pinard, a french doctor and obstetrician from the 19th century
  • Still regularly used by midwives in UK and Europe and student midwives will be taught how to use them.
  • The Pinard horn is still widely used in third world as main method for listening to the foetal heart

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