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Vape Drug Test Kit

Vape Drug Test Kit

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Urine drug testing kit to detect if someone is vaping

The Vape Use Screening Urine Drug Test Kit Panel is specifically tailored to identify the usage of unregulated Vape Kits, particularly those targeted at minors. It's important to note that these drug test panels are exclusively designed for screening human urine and do not analyse vape liquid contents. This multi-panel dip test is a single-use tool that efficiently screens each urine sample for traces of various drug groups associated with vape use.

This comprehensive urine screening vape test kit covers:

  • Cotinine 100ng/ml detection the primary metabolite of Nicotine found in urine
  • Cannabis-detection 20ng/ml and related substances including Delta-9 and Delta-11 metabolites.
  • Synthetic Cannabis 25ng/ml , specifically designed to identify K2 and K3 synthetic Cannabis use
  • Cannabinol 500ng/ml indicating the presence of CBD in vapes.

Who is this Vape urine test drug kit intended for?

The Vape Use Drug Screening Panel aims to address the concerns of parents and schools regarding the potential risks associated with unregulated vape products, including reports of drug content such as Cannabis. The test kit is simple to administer, requiring a fresh urine sample. Each vape test kit can be used once to screen for the four drug groups listed, with testing recommended on a random basis twice weekly to effectively monitor exposure to these common substances.

Key features of the Vape Use Drug Test Panel Kits include:

  • Individualised results for each of the four drug groups
  • Rapid results within 3-5 minutes
  • Full certification meeting CE and international quality standards.
  • Individually foil-wrapped for convenience and longevity
  • These test kits offer a high level of accuracy at 99.8%, making them a preferred choice for schools and parents concerned about vaping among adolescents.
  • Please note these test strips are to screen the person who has been using the vape, not the vape liquid itself.

For detailed instructions on how to use the Vape drug test kit to screen a urine sample for these substances that can be vaped, a helpful instructional video is provide

Need help or advice regarding how to test for vaping

Contact our customer support team if you require any help or advice regarding the vape test kit.

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