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Water Testing Kit 100 strip 14 in 1 Drinking Water Test Strips

Water Testing Kit 100 strip 14 in 1 Drinking Water Test Strips

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Vansful 100 water testing strips for 14 water quality indicators.

Pack of 100 drinking water quality test strips. Easy to use at home or when travelling with accurate results in minutes. The water quality test strips are ideal for testing your household drinking water to recommended standards but they can also be used to test ponds, hot tubs, swimming pools and spa's as well as many other types of water listed below.

Key features of the Vansful water quality test strips:

  • 100 water testing dip strips per pack so you can test your water 100 times
  • Includes lead water test 
  • 14 test pads on each single use water test strip
  • Very simple and easy to use water test strip, with accurate easy to read results in just 60 seconds
  • Instructions and colour chart included
  • Quick and easy water testing strips to check for chemicals and metals in drinking water
  • Supplied in a resealable pot, with a screw top lid to keep the test strips dry

What do the water quality test strips test for:

  • Total alkalinity
  • pH
  • Hardness
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Lead
  • Nitrate
  • Nitrite
  • Fluoride
  • Bromine
  • Chromium
  • Total chlorine
  • Residual chlorine
  • Cyanuric Acid

How to use the water quality test strips

  • Obtain a sample of the water that you wish to test
  • Remove a water testing strip from pack.
  • Reseal the bottle immediately with the screw top lid to keep the other test strips dry
  • Dip the test strip in the water for 5 seconds
  • Remove the test strip from the water sample
  • Hold the water testing strip level for 30-60 seconds or place on a level clean surface facing upwards
  • Read the water test results by comparing the corresponding pad colours against the colour chart provided.
  • The water sample that has been tested should not be drunk

Uses of the water quality test strips

The test strips can be used for checking the quality of any water including:

  • Drinking water
  • Bathing water
  • Laundry water
  • Pool water
  • Hot tub and spa water,
  • Aquarium water
  • Pond water
  • River water
  • Industrial water
  • Well water
  • Bore hole water
  • Grey water.

Includes a Cyanuric acid which is used as a stabiliser in pools and hot tubs, Checking the level in combination with residual and total chlorine helps prevent algae.


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Toxicity of stripes ?

I used the product and it s amazing. However question, are the stripes toxic ? If I used it on a clean water pool, is there some danger or risk that the stripes keep on the water being tested ? Some chemicals ? Thank you for clarifying this for us