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Wholesale ALLTEST Saliva Alcohol Test Strips

Wholesale ALLTEST Saliva Alcohol Test Strips

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Wholesale packs of 1000 and 2000 ALLTEST saliva alcohol test strips

  • This is a simple saliva alcohol test strip test to detect the presence of alcohol in saliva and so can provide a reading of the actual equivalent blood alcohol levels.
  • Gives a quick and easy to read equivalent blood alcohol level result in 2 minutes. 
  • Results read on simple pad colour change match:
  • 0.0 if no alcohol detected
  • 20 mg/100ml
  • 80 mg/100ml
  • 300mg/100ml
  • These alcohol test strips can also be used in any other liquid as a quick dip test for alcohol
  • Long shelf life
  • Smaller 40-400 alcohol test strip packs are available in our alcohol test section of this website. 
  • Contact us if you require larger volumes of wholesale alcohol test strips
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