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Wholesale ALLTEST SP10 Male Fertility Test Kit

Wholesale ALLTEST SP10 Male Fertility Test Kit

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Wholesale packs of the ALLTEST  SP10 home male fertility test kit

  • Latest technical breakthrough SP10 male fertility test
  • Highest accuracy of any point of care male fertility test.
  • In trade shippers of 96 retail test packs.
  • This is an easy to use male fertility test kit.
  • All equipment is included, along with detailed instructions.
  • Enough equipment is provided to test 1 sperm sample.
  • The test measures Sperm Count and is able to tell you whether it is normal or low, where low is defined as <15million/ml.
  • Customers who obtain low results and are struggling to conceive should seek medical advice.
  • SRP £6.99
  • Packaged for OTC and internet sales 
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