Affordable Ovulation Tests

Affordable Ovulation Tests

Cheap Ovulation Tests

Ovulation tests have made significant advancements in the past decade, becoming widely accessible and more affordable than ever before. Here is our guide to cheap ovulation tests.

Ovulation test strips

The most popular and cheapest option for online purchase are ovulation test strips, due to their low cost and minimal packaging. These ovulation strips are usually individually foil-wrapped with a long expiry date.

affordable ovulation tests

They are also available in vials as above for professional use in clinics or frequent testers, offering convenience and cost-effectiveness in shipping, compared to the bulkier mid-stream format, which incurs higher postal charges. These are the most affordable ovulation tests.

Supermarket ovulation tests

While supermarkets and chemists typically offer midstream ovulation tests, many are now starting to stock the more economical and more eco friendly strip versions, catering to a wider range of preferences.

Buying affordable ovulation tests online

Ovulation test strips have been available online in the UK for over a decade and have proven to be reliable and accurate. These type of ovulation tests are available in different sensitivities, with 40mIU sensitivity being the most popular and internationally agreed upon level for ovulation detection.

Recently, more sensitive 20mIU or ultra ovulation test strips have recently emerged in the UK market, providing an alternative for those whose LH surge may not be detected by standard sensitivity tests.

How to use ovulation strips

Conducting an ovulation test with an ovulation strip is simple and involves:

  1. Collecting a urine sample in a clean container (a sterile container is not required)
  2. Dip the ovulation test strip into the sample for the specified time in the instructions.
  3. Reading the results-within a couple of minutes, you can read the result and compare it with the instruction chart to determine whether the result is positive.

More information on ovulation tests

Ovulation test strips FAQ 

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