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Ebketone ketone meter

We have listened to our UK customer feedback and changed the starter pack contents of the eBketone blood ketone monitoring system starter pack to include lancets and ketone test strips.

While we understand the move by manufacturers to make the Ebketone ketone meter purchase packs seem good value in a crowded market place, buying a great value ketone meter only to have it arrive with no test strips or lancets, is not a great buying experience.

New eBketone meter starter packs

The new Ebketone ketone meter packs now come complete with everything required to run 10 complete ketone tests straight out of the box. The auto-lancing device allows the depth of the finger lance to be adjusted, as most users find there is no need to go too deep when just 0.05uL blood sample triggers the ketone test strips reliably.

Lower price for Ebketone ketone meter

We have also reduced the price of the complete starter packs to just £19.99 including FREE UK standard delivery.

Ebketone ketone test strips

Our next plan is to increase the pack size options of the refill blood ketone test strips to offer a 25 and 50 strip pack at discounted prices, as we know a key part of deciding which meter system to use has to be the strip costs.

Refill packs of 10 EbKetone blood ketone test strips are available at £14.95

Professional Blood Ketone Meter

We will continue to offer the original ketone meter only packs for clinics and health promotion programs requiring multiple meter purchases. Remember, this ketone meter has dual CE certification for self and professional ketone testing as the accuracy is so good, it remains the choice of health care professionals needing point of care ketone blood tests.

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