how do you get a free glucose meter

Free Blood Glucose Meters

How do you get a free glucose meter in the UK

This month we have several free blood glucose meter offers when you purchase blood glucose test strips and consumables, but are there other ways that you can obtain a free glucose meter.

To obtain a free blood glucose meter in the UK, you can consider the following options:

  1. NHS (National Health Service): Your local GP, NHS diabetic clinic or healthcare provider may provide free blood glucose meters to individuals with diabetes. Speak with your healthcare professional or diabetes specialist to enquire about available programs.
  2. Diabetes Support Organisations: Diabetes charities and support organisations in the UK may have programs or initiatives to provide free blood glucose meters. Contact organisations such as Diabetes UK for information and assistance.
  3. Online Promotions-medical suppliers including Valuemed may run offers where you can obtain the blood glucose meter free, if you are purchasing the blood glucose test strips or other consumables. See our current free blood glucose meter offers here
  4. Pharmacies: Some pharmacies may offer promotions or programs that include free blood glucose meters. It's worth checking with your local pharmacy or asking your pharmacist if there are any available options.
  5. Manufacturer Programs: Some manufacturers of blood glucose meters may offer assistance programs, especially for individuals who may be facing financial challenges. Check with the manufacturers directly or visit their websites for information on any available programs.

Does the type of diabetes you have affect whether or not you can get a free blood glucose meter on NHS?

Generally, individuals in the UK with Type 1 diabetes are usually provided with necessary equipment to monitor their blood sugar, while individuals with Type 2 diabetes may receive support based on their treatment plan and specific circumstances, but they are not always provided with a free blood glucose monitoring system on the NHS in England.

Remember that the availability of free blood glucose meters may vary depending on your location and the current policies of healthcare providers and organisations. It's advisable to consult with your local diabetes support services for the most up-to-date and accurate information on availability of free blood glucose meters in your area.

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