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ALCODIGITAL Platinum Digital Breathalyser

ALCODIGITAL Platinum Digital Breathalyser

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Alcodigital Platinum fuel cell digital breathalyser with Swap & Go Replaceable Fuel Cell Sensor

Introducing the AlcoDigital Platinum breathalyser, a groundbreaking device that combines the convenience of a breathalyser with a replaceable sensor, delivering professional-quality fuel cell accuracy.

It is reliable, accurate, and robust, offering highly precise readings. The Platinum is a true game-changer, eliminating the need for annual calibration and allowing you to replace the fuel cell sensor yourself, similar to changing a battery.

 Key features of the Alcodigital Platinum Breathalyser

  • Extremely well made fuel cell digital breathalyser.
  • Accurate and reliable 
  • Gives a Breath Alcohol Concentration measurement in mg/l.
  • Can provide measurements up to 2.00mg/L ( note English Driving Limit = 0.35mg/l. Scottish Driving Limit = 0.22mg/l
  • User friendly easy operation
  • The Alcodigital sensor is accurate for 12 months (or 500 tests if that comes first) ,after which it will need to be replaced.
  • Replacement sensors and extra breathalyser mouthpieces are available 
  • Comes with a UK-based 12-month warranty, ensuring your peace of mind.

Additional Features:

  • Test counter
  • Batteries included
  • Auto Power Off
  • Hard case and storage pouch Included


  • CE Approval
  • FDA Approval
  • RoHS Compliant

Alcodigital Platinum pack contents

  • Alcodigital Platinum Breathalyser
  • Pre fitted fuel cell sensor
  • 3 breathalyser mouthpieces
  • Case
  • Batteries
  • Instructions

Swap & Go Fuel Cell Sensor:

You can easily order the "Swap & Go" replaceable sensor from us and replace it every 12 months or after 500 tests, whichever comes first. With other breathalysers, regular calibration is a necessity, often requiring you to send your device away. But with the Alcodigital Platinum breathalyser, no calibration means no days without your breathalyser. At just under £200, the Platinum stands as the most affordable and convenient fuel cell breathalyser, providing top-tier technology at an affordable price.

Why choose the Alcodigital Platinum fuel cell breathalyser

The complexity of the fuel cell technology has meant several years of research and development by Sentech, one of the world's leading breathalyzer manufacturers, to miniaturize and perfect it. With the AlcoDigital Platinum, they have succeeded in creating a single replaceable sensor cartridge that contains all the necessary elements for precise testing, reaching levels as low as 0.005% BAC—far exceeding the performance of semiconductor models.

Fuel cell sensors, though larger than semiconductor sensors, have a notable advantage in producing the electrical current required to detect alcohol levels, resulting in more reliable and consistent results. Additionally, they are known for their durability, allowing frequent use while maintaining high accuracy levels.

To ensure the utmost accuracy, it is advisable to wait at least 20 minutes after consuming alcohol, food, or smoking before conducting a breathalyser test. This practice will also contribute to the longevity of the breathalyser fuel cell sensor.


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