Test and Drive single use disposable breathalysers

TEST AND DRIVE Single Use Disposable Multi-Level Breathalyser Kits

  • £1.99

Test and Drive disposable alcohol breathalysers 

  • Simple and very easy to use single-use breathalyser 
  • Each breathalyser kit is individually wrapped.
  • It gives a qualitative measurement of your Blood Alcohol Level (BAC)
  • Multi-level breathalyser kit
  • Four possible results are given 0.0%o, 0.2%o, 0.5%o and 0.8%o.
  • Each result means that you have exceeded that level but not the next up. Instructions are included.
  • 0.2%o is the HSE limit.
  • 0.5%o is the Scottish and French Driving Limit and
  • 0.8%o is the English/ Welsh/ Northern Ireland Driving Limit.
  • Hence these breathalysers can be used to determine if you are over any of these limits.
  • Result in minutes
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Small and discreet 
  • If alcohol is detected by the breathalyser kit, even if it is below the drink drive level, it is advisable not to drive as the alcohol levels can still go up after the test has been performed. 

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