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ALLTEST 18 Panel Urine Cup Multi Drug Test Kit

ALLTEST 18 Panel Urine Cup Multi Drug Test Kit

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18 panel urine cup multi drug test kit

A truly comprehensive urine drug testing kit,  testing for 18 drugs, including the 5 most common drugs of abuse Cannabis, Cocaine, Opiates, Amphetamine and ecstasy.

ALLTEST 18 panel drug test cup is our most comprehensive drug test and screens urine for the following 18 drugs:

  • Cannabis 20ng/mL
  • Cocaine 100ng
  • Opiates 300ng/mL
  • Amphetamine 500ng/mL
  • Ecstacy 500ng/mL
  • Ketamine 1000ng/mL
  • Methamphetamine 500ng/mL
  • Methadone 300ng/mL
  • Buprenorphine 10ng/mL
  • Benzodiazepines 200ng/mL
  • PCP (phencyclidine) 25ng/mL
  • Oxycodone 100ng/mL
  • Tramadol 300ng/mL
  • LSD 20ng/mL
  • Fentanyl 10ng/mL
  • TriCyclicAntidepressants 1000ug/ml
  • PPX 300ng/ml
  • Barbiturates 300ng/mL
  • + temperature check strip.

    This drug test cup also has inbuilt:

    • Temperature check strip to ensure that the urine sample is body temperature (fresh)

    Key Features of the ALLTEST 18 panel cup drug test kits

    • 18-panel drug screen
    • Loaded with the latest Ultra-Sensitive drug test membranes for the commonest 5 drugs in the UK
    • Each of these 18 drugs is detectable with this urine drug test for around 3-5 days after last use.
    • One of the most comprehensive urine drug test kit on the market in UK
    • Ideal home drug testing kits for parents
    • The cup drug test kit is designed to both collect and drug test the urine sample.
    • Screw top lid
    • The ALLTEST A3 design drug test cup requires only a small urine sample to run all 18 drug tests
    • The urine drug test can be performed and results obtained within 10 minutes.
    • The drug test is simple and easy to perform and full detailed instructions are included.
    • Each drug test cup is a single-use disposable urine drug test kit
    • Product code ALLTEST DOA-1187-A3
    • The drug testing cups are all individually foil wrapped with long expiry dates

    If we are out of stock of the 18 panel drug testing cups you might like to consider the ALLTEST 17 panel urine drug test cups as an alternative.

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