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ALLTEST Professional Pregnancy Test Cassettes 25mIU Pack Of 40

ALLTEST Professional Pregnancy Test Cassettes 25mIU Pack Of 40

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ALLTEST 25miu early detection pregnancy test cassettes in boxes of 40 

  • 25miu hcg professional pregnancy test cassette.
  • Each box contains 40 pregnancy test cassettes.
  • Each cassette is individually wrapped in a foil wrapping.
  • Each cassette has a sensitivity for hCG of 25mIU and can thus detect pregnancy very early on.
  • Instructions included- 1 set in each box of 40 test kits.
  • Over 99% accuracy in clinical trials.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Ideal pregnancy test for clinics, GP surgeries, NHS, hospitals, laboratories, schools, and universities. 
  • We are the officially appointed ALLTEST UK pregnancy test wholesale suppliers. Contact our trade team to place a wholesale or NHS pregnancy test order or e-mail us a purchase order.
  • If this pregnancy test cassette is not in stock in the UK but you would like to order ALLTEST 25mIU Early Pregnancy Test Cassettes wholesale please contact our trade team and we will order it for you. 
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