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ALLTEST 5 Panel Urine Home Multi Drug Test Kit NPS And 'Legal Highs'

ALLTEST 5 Panel Urine Home Multi Drug Test Kit NPS And 'Legal Highs'

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ALLTEST multi drug test kit tests urine for 5 common drugs some of which are known as legal highs

  • K2/K3 Spice Synthetic Cannabis 3-5 days after use.
  • Ketamine  3-5 days after use
  • MDPV Bath Salts  3-5 days after use
  • Mephedrone MEP M CAT 3-5 days after use
  • MDMA Ecstasy  3-5 days after use

Ideal home drug testing kit

  • This 5 panel drug test kit screens urine sample for 5 common drugs of abuse, including 2 commonly known as 'legal highs' although they are all in fact illegal drugs.
  • Combines very well our ALLTEST 5 panel combination 1
  • Quick and easy to use urine urine drug test kit
  • Easy to read and interpret drug test results
  • Highly accurate drug test kit
  • Ideal home drug testing kit
  • Results in minutes
  • The drug test kit is single use.
  • Instructions are included for performing the drug test at home
  • All 5 drugs are detectable with urine tests for around 3-5 days after last use
  • Individual result for each drug 
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