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Draeger Breathalyser Mouthpieces Pack of 100

Draeger Breathalyser Mouthpieces Pack of 100

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Draeger Alcotest Mouthpieces for Dräger Breathalysers

Draeger Alcotest mouthpieces are specially designed to be compatible with the following Dräger Alcotest breathalyser models: 3000, 5510, 5820, 6000, 6510, 6810, 6810 Med, 6820, 7000, and 7510.

Key Features of Draeger Alcotest Breathalyser Mouthpieces:

  • The patented Draeger mouthpieces are engineered to deter any tampering or manipulation attempts.
  • These Draeger mouthpieces are equipped with non-return valves for added functionality.
  • They also fit Dräger breathalyser models Alcotest 5510, 6510, 6810, 6810 Med, and Alcotest 7510.
  • Draeger breathalyser mouthpieces are supplied in bags, with each bag containing 100 Draeger breathalyser mouthpieces (Note: Draeger may also be spelled as Dräger).

Are the Draeger mouthpieces re-usable?

To ensure safe, accurate and hygienic testing, it is recommended to always use a new Draeger breathalyser mouthpiece for each individual being tested. 

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