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Wholesale Core Tests 10mIU Ultra Pregnancy Test Strips

Wholesale Core Tests 10mIU Ultra Pregnancy Test Strips

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Core 10mIU ultra sensitive early detection pregnancy tests strips wholesale packs

Our wholesale packs of Core Tests 10mIU Ultra Pregnancy Test Strips are a more reliable method of detecting pregnancy than traditional 25miu pregnancy tests. With 10mIU/ml sensitivity, these test strips are capable of detecting the hCG hormone in the body at a more accurate & earlier time than other tests. This easy-to-use product provides fast results in just minutes.

Key features of the Core Tests pregnancy strip test

  • Urine test strips for detection of pregnancy, produced by Core Tests.
  • Over 99.98% accuracy in clinical trials
  • Suitable for self testing
  • Supplied in boxes of 50 test strips
  • One set of instructions per box of 50 pregnancy tests
  • Each pregnancy test strip is individually foil wrapped.
  • Each pregnancy test has 10mIU sensitivity (detects hCG at just 10mIU/ml level).
  • Ultrasensitive and are able to detect pregnancy as early as 8-10 days after ovulation.
  • Long shelf life. 
  • Ideal pregnancy test strips for NHS, clinics, schools, GP surgeries, pharmacies, prisons or resellers

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